Upcoming Membership Meetings


September 22nd Membership Meeting


In this program, our speaker, Jane Tierney, will speak about the supply chain challenges continue around the globe, and the Ukrainian invasion by Russia is yet another. Although thousands of miles away, the Ukraine and Russia play significant roles in the global supply of many goods – from wheat that feeds millions to neon gas necessary to production of semi-conductors. Join this talk to learn more about:

• Overview of the current situation

• Which companies have cut ties with Russia, and who has not

• Outlook on several key markets with sources in Ukraine / Russia

• Implications to rest-of world

Speaker: Jane Tierney, CPSM, CPSD, MBA, purple link

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Upcoming Membership Meetings:

Oct 20 - Persuasion Part 1

Nov 16 - Supplier Payment Strategies

Jan 18 - Dealing with Shortages & Disruptions

Membership meetings will be held on the 3rd Wednesday of each month.


Upcoming Lunch n' Learns


September 15th Lunch & Learn Webinar

Vendor Risk - 12 p.m. ET


Join us for our, September 15th Lunch & Learn webinar @ Noon ET, that will focus on Vendor Risk with our featured speaker, Steven Nichols, Founder, Banyan Business Outcomes LLC.

3rd parties like suppliers create organizational risk in several forms. Managing these risks requires a combination of legal terms, formal structure, and personal relationships. In this webinar we’ll discuss:

• Analyzing organizational risk and the appetite for risk

• Types of 3rd party (supplier) risk

• Steps to mitigate and manage that risk

• Ongoing Risk Management programs.

Speaker: Steven Nichols, Founder, Banyan Business Outcomes LLC

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Upcoming Lunch n' Learn Webinars:

Oct 12th - Coaching in a Changing Business Climate

Nov 9th - Key Elements of Project Management for Supply Chains

Dec 7th - Smart Contracts and Blockchain

Lunch n' Learn Webinars will be held on 2nd Wednesday of each month



September Webinars:

We invite you to attend the below webinars hosted by ISM-NJ:

Sept 7th @ 2 p.m. ET

Supply Chain Information Flow: Building Your Personal Brand…Stop Hiding and Show the World Your Awesomeness

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Sept 8th @ 12 P.M. ET - The Voice of ERP with Anders Green, Founder, Alox.Online

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Sept 27th @ 2 PM ET - Voice of Supply Chain with Mark Raffan, Founder Negotiations Ninja 

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Sept 29th @ 2 PM Eastern Time (US and Canada) Tea Time with Tamra Pawloski – Interviewing Melissa Drew on Supplier Diversity within Technology

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